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Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company

It is National Telecommunicator Public Safety Week! The Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank our Bethel Park Police Communications personnel and Allegheny County 911 Dispatch personnel for all the wonderful work that they do to help our community, and to keep us safe.

Apr 16th 11:15am • 1 Comment

"This is a bunch of hoopla!..." on Bethel Park Public Library's link.

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Our friends at Frank's Tire & Automotive want to remind everyone to make sure that your tires are road safe, especially with all this rain we are getting. Bad tires can cause skidding and hydroplaning, and ultimately end up in an accident.

Frank's Tire & Automotive

If your tire tread is worn wet roads can pose a problem. Water isn't channeled properly and you can end up skidding or hydroplaining . Let us check your tires and make sure they are road safe.

Apr 4th 12:20pm • 1 Comment