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Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company

Even though this is from Jacksonville, Florida, this happens right here in Bethel Park. Our firefighters frequently have to stop and wait for traffic to stop and clear in order to proceed through intersections. If you are in the oncoming lane of traffic, you still must pull to the right and come to a complete stop.

75 P.a.C.S. § 3325 states "upon the immediate approach of an emergency vehicle making use of an audible signal and visual signals [...], the driver of every other vehicle shall yield the right-of-way and shall immediately drive to a position parallel to, and as close as possible to, the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway clear of any intersection and shall stop and remain in that position until the emergency vehicle has passed [...]."

Be aware that you can be cited for this by our friends at the Bethel Park Police Department. The best way to prevent from being cited for this is to do the right thing: pull to the right for sirens and lights.

Dash cams show drivers failing to yield to emergency vehicles


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First responders say they're dealing with a growing problem: drivers who aren't getting out of the way for emergency vehicles.

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Summer is coming! Memorial Day weekend is often a time many people open their pools: and that requires shocking the pool and playing with all of those pool chemicals.

Did you know if you mix pool chemicals, you could be severely injured? Your Bethel Park Volunteer Firefighters have responded to pool chemical emergencies where individuals have improperly used pool chemicals and managed to get hurt from them.

Check out this awesome video from The Chlorine Institute on keeping safe with your pool chemicals. We look forward to hearing about your beautiful pools with crystal clear water!

Pool Chemical Safety


This pool chemical safety video, intended for homeowners and commercial pool managers, outlines the safe use of pool chemicals. Produced by the Chlorine Inst...

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Today is National Law Enforcement Memorial Day.

Bethel Park Police Department

Today is National Law Enforcement Memorial Day. Please take a moment to pay tribute to brave men and women who have lost their lives in Line of Duty. There will be a wreath laying ceremony in front of the Bethel Park Police Department today, May 15, 2015, at noon.

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