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Did you know that Allegheny County changed its open burning regulations, effective as of January 1? Check out our website for more information on what you can and cannot burn! http://www.bethelparkvfc.com/home/recreational-fires/

Recreational Fires


Recreational Fires One of our most frequently asked questions is about open burning and recreational fires in Allegheny County. Open burning fire The ordinance in Allegheny County is Allegheny County Health Department Rules and Regulations Article XXI, Air Pollution Control, §2105.50 Open Burning {S…

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It is National Public Safety Telecommunicators week! The Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company would like to extend an enormous thank you to our Bethel Park Police Communicators for everything that they do. We also want to extend an enormous thank you to the Allegheny County Emergency Services 911 Telecommunicators and Washington County 911 Control Center Telecommunicators for what they do as well.

Without any of these three groups, your Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company would not be able to assist our community nor any of the surrounding communities that we assist as well. Give this post a like and share to show your appreciation for all of them!

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We have received many questions of why we sent out a donation request earlier this month: check out this page on our website for more information!

(Share this post with other residents and businesses so they are aware, too!)

2015 Fundraising Letter


Dear Residents and Business Owners of Bethel Park, It is the time of year again where our annual fundraising letter goes out to the many residents and businesses in our community. As you may be aware, in 2013 the residents of…

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Why did I receive a donation request letter?Click here!